Understanding the Requirements of the New Apprenticeships in RACHP for Levy Paying Employers

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There has long been recognition that the current Apprenticeship Programme does not achieve the high standard of skills and knowledge required by todays industry and that there is a dire shortage of suitably skilled technicians.  Today’s engineers need a high level of knowledge and skills to work with more complex systems with an increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and the environment.

To achieve this, the new Trailblazer Apprenticeship has been developed to stand alongside the new funding rules whereby larger companies pay into the Levy and can use their account to train their Apprentices, (or those of another company).  Funds expire 24 months after they enter an employer’s account if unused.

 These funds MUST be spent with a registered Training Provider of THE LEVY PAYERS’ CHOICE.

  • The Levy can ONLY be spent to fund new Apprenticeships.
  • The Employer/Training Provider/Apprentice must work in partnership together as never before.
  • Candidates will preferably hold Maths and English at Level 2 prior to commencement (or must achieve them)
  • Contracts must be put in place between all parties
  • There must be agreed working hours
  • There must be a minimum Apprentice wage paid
  • 20% of the Apprentices time must be spent in training ‘off the job’
  • 80% of the Apprentices time at work ‘on the job’
  • Each Apprentice must have a Mentor at work
  • Detailed records MUST be kept (all documented and authenticated) by all parties
  • Employer/Apprentice MUST commit to a three year training programme
  • An End Point Assessment to be completed at the end of the programme
  • The End Point Assessment is carried out by an INDEPENDENT Assessment Organisation (chosen by the Employer)
  • On successful completion the ESFA will issue an Apprenticeship certificate to the Employer.


We can accept contracts from Levy Paying Employers for the RACHP Apprenticeship!

  • We are a Registered Main Provider with the Education, Skills and Funding Agency (ESFA)
  • We have therefore passed due diligence, capability, competence and financial health (rated outstanding)
  • We are an Independent Training Provider approved to offer this Apprenticeship
  • We have been successfully delivering this type of training for over 27 years
  • We can offer you a comprehensive service
  • We will assess your candidates prior to enrolment
  • We will provide training to YOUR MENTORS and provide ongoing support to them
  • We will support your Apprentices and mentor them throughout their Apprenticeship
  • We will train your Apprentices to our normal high standards
  • We will ensure your apprentices are only ever part of a small group (12-16 max)

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