A Momentous Day at Ellis Training Works!!

Our first Level 3 6090 group finished their City & Guilds Diploma in RACHP, which was very exciting for them and us.  It’s an emotional time for us all when we say goodbye to our students, especially when their journey with us has spanned three years, seen them grow in their knowledge and mature as ‘real’ RAC engineers, real because when we asked what bits they liked best the following topics were mentioned:

·         Refrigeration and Air Conditioning heat load calculations and equipment selection and balancing

·         Using P-h diagrams for a range of refrigerants to select the most effective Retrofill alternative for high GWP refrigerants like R404A

·         Plotting and using psychrometric charts for performance testing evaporators on VRF systems

·         Commissioning and testing multi evaporator/multi compressor complex systems, ducted air systems and water to water heat pumps systems

·         Testing and fault finding 3 phase electrical systems

Not all did their Level 2 with us and those that didn’t did a bit of pre-course preparation but as an old hand at this training, I have rarely been able to work with such a dedicated, hardworking, enthusiastic group as this.  We’ve pushed them hard, through an intensive work programme developing their basic principles to a stage where they can and do apply their knowledge thoughtfully and thoroughly.  I’m proud of them, very proud of them, and it’s been a privilege to work with them!

There are those, who should know better, that are tempted to be disrespectful about modern training qualifications but when they have experienced the City & Guilds 6090 Level 2 and Level 3 I’m sure they will see the light.  These are truly qualifications for the future.

Yes, they’ve got the tee-shirt but very much more.  Remember these faces, they are the future of the RAC industry!

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