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Another Snippet

Another snippet I’ve picked up is ‘making systems tight and efficient should always go together’?

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New Year

2019 and i’m glad to say that these days engineers understand the evacuation and dehydration process?

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F Gas Regs

Apparently, thanks to F Gas Regs (whatever they are) more people are aware of the impact of systems on the environment, both directly through leakage and much more importantly indirectly…

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‘Coffee Stains’

The Guvnors always analysing the exam results to make sure that the training always hits the spot.  They’re always going on about ‘coffee stains’ which, when I find out what…

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‘Meeter and Greeter’

  I’m known as the ‘Meeter and Greeter’ and I take my responsibly seriously but all I really want is someone to stroke me.   Recently I’ve had all number…

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Mr Postman

The Postman still doesn’t like me.  Do you know I’ve been working here for over nine years and this one hasn’t come near me, even though I hear them telling…

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F Gas Results

While I’m awake thought I’d update you!  We had a group of guys in last week on their F Gas course, a great bunch, and when they came to the…

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‘Like us on Facebook’

I don’t get paid for all my hard work and effort and not sure if I am entitled to a pension so imagine my dismay when I learnt I couldn’t…

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Snow Day

Didn’t get out much in the snow, how about you?  I overheard ‘them’ saying that it was too dangerous to go too far in case they got run over by…

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