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I am constantly being told by heating/gas engineers and plumbers that ‘they know all about gas’.  Therefore, they won’t have a problem, they already know all about it.


While refrigerant is often called gas, it is NOT!


Anyone who has attended here with this misconceived idea has had a shock and they quickly tell us ‘it’s nothing like gas’ which is quite correct.


Likewise, with brazing, it’s nothing like soldering copper pipe.


And by the way, nor is the pressure the same! We are talking about systems that work up to 40 bar and need to be tested up to 42 bar??


With so much new to learn, candidates also need to understand the ‘F Gas’ is a basic entry level qualification about how to handle refrigerants ONLY, why the legislation is there and how to protect the environment.  It does NOT make you an air conditioning engineer!

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