Got F Gas but can’t ‘Get’ Fault Finding?

How many hours do your engineers spend on the phone to your office or to colleagues trying to ‘fix’ the many problems they come across in the course of a week?

Probably more than you think, due to the ‘mysteries’ of the systems they are called out to.

We hear it all the time, the gasps of surprise and gasps of recognition when the penny drops why it is they have supposedly insurmountable problems that can’t be solved.

The truth is that more in depth training is required to be able to eradicate these issues and save countless wasted hours in call backs and those phone calls.

With a little more training and better understanding of the systems (F Gas is after all only a basic entry level qualification) engineers will be far better able to diagnose faults and rectify them, saving thousands of pounds in lost revenue to companies.

We hear of systems almost rebuilt with the number of spare parts replaced, only to find the same problem exists!

Take a look at our Fault Finding, Service and Maintenance course for more info.

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