Coronavirus COVID-19

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We take Coronavirus COVID-19 extremely seriously and are doing everything possible to mitigate the risk to our students.

Our cleaners have initiated a cleaning programme using products to help reduce the risk and we also clean door handles, switches, work surfaces etc. during the day.

We have provided sanitisers at the entrance and around the building to reduce the possibility of transmission, should anyone be carrying the virus and are asking students to wash their hands thoroughly on a regular basis.

If possible, please ask your candidates to bring their own sanitiser.

There is no reason NOT to attend courses and rest assured we are keeping a close eye on developments and will act accordingly.

In the meantime if any of your staff/candidates answer YES to any of the questions below:-


  1. Have you visited Mainland China, Japan, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Macao, South Korea or Singapore recently?


  1. Have you visited Europe in the past 14 days?


  1. Have any family members, who reside with you, been to any of the above locations or exposed to the Coronavirus COVID-19 within the last 14 days?


  1. Do you currently have any flu-like symptoms, cough or fever?



Please contact us immediately so that we can rearrange their training.

As the situation changes we will take measures, as we see fit, to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff alike.

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