Transfer and Dew point

You don’t have to talk to me about heat transfer and dew point any more, I know exactly the effect of that although there are those that don’t.  Can you believe there are those that think it’s the drip on the end of their nose?

F Gas Questions

Did you hear about the engineer who wasted his time learning all the answers to the F Ga questions on the web, only to fail his examination?  We tell students all the time not to bother, they don’t appear in the actual exam but will they listen?

Another Snippet

Another snippet I’ve picked up is ‘making systems tight and efficient should always go together’?

New Year

2019 and i’m glad to say that these days engineers understand the evacuation and dehydration process?

F Gas Regs

Apparently, thanks to F Gas Regs (whatever they are) more people are aware of the impact of systems on the environment, both directly through leakage and much more importantly indirectly through electrical energy usage. Not sure what if all means but I love to sound smart discussing all this with my canine friends!


‘Coffee Stains’

The Guvnors always analysing the exam results to make sure that the training always hits the spot.  They’re always going on about ‘coffee stains’ which, when I find out what it means – if not the obvious – I’ll let you know.

‘Meeter and Greeter’


I’m known as the ‘Meeter and Greeter’ and I take my responsibly seriously but all I really want is someone to stroke me.


Recently I’ve had all number of students patting my head much to my delight but when I smile at them they often back away, but I have no idea why?  I suppose my breath smells occasionally but I really do have pearly whites!

Mr Postman

The Postman still doesn’t like me.  Do you know I’ve been working here for over nine years and this one hasn’t come near me, even though I hear them telling him I don’t bite?  He’s a lovely guy but I can’t help putting on an extra show when he arrives, dressed from head to foot in red!  I never could stand red.

F Gas Results

While I’m awake thought I’d update you!  We had a group of guys in last week on their F Gas course, a great bunch, and when they came to the office for the results of their on-line exam they were really excited to hear they had passed.  They really made a fuss of me then, just what I like.

‘Like us on Facebook’

I don’t get paid for all my hard work and effort and not sure if I am entitled to a pension so imagine my dismay when I learnt I couldn’t ‘like us’ on Facebook to win the competition they’re running!

Snow Day

Didn’t get out much in the snow, how about you?  I overheard ‘them’ saying that it was too dangerous to go too far in case they got run over by a sledge, but don’t think it would have bothered me, I’d have soon run away!

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