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F Gas Category 4: Two Day

Committed to education, not just passing exams!
LENGTH: 2 days

Note this F Gas qualification does NOT have an expiry date!

About the course:

This course is for experienced and non-experienced candidates who clean display cases, condensers, filters or carry out any other routine maintenance.

It is the minimum legal F Gas qualification required by all engineers who leak check refrigeration, air conditioning & heat pump systems and report leaks for attention of an appropriately qualified engineer.

What you will gain?

Sufficient skills, knowledge and techniques to:

  •     Assess performance to ensure efficiency (using information from the system, without attaching gauges)
  •     Carry out leak checks
  •     Maintain ‘F Gas’ log books and records
  •     Identify potential leakage points
  •     Describe the hazards associated with refrigerant release


How you will be assessed:

You will undergo comprehensive practical and on-line assessment.

Fees include:

Course materials, City & Guilds certificate, lunch and refreshments.

F Gas Category 4: Two Day FAQ'S

  • Is there any recommended reading before coming on the course?

    We would suggest that you do not read or revise any of the subjects covered to avoid any confusion when you attend the course. Our courses are specially designed to take the candidate from any level through to passing the exam (provided they are on the correct course).

  • Im not sure what to do for the best about getting qualified for F Gas. Can you advise me?

    Yes, the most appropriate programme depends on your background, qualifications and training. We are careful to ensure that candidates are directed to the most beneficial programme that suits their needs.

  • What are the hours for the fgas course?

    The fgas course starts at 9.30 and runs through to about 5.00, with an hour for lunch.

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