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F Gas Category 1: One Day Assessment

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LENGTH: 1 day
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Note this qualification does NOT have an expiry date!

About the course:

This course is for experienced refrigeration engineers who are familiar and comfortable with Pressure Enthalpy diagrams (Ph charts) and know the basic principles (thermodynamics) of the vapour compression system and who don’t wish to attend for training or revision.

It is the minimum legal qualification for all engineers who carry out service, maintenance, installation, commissioning, recovery or leak checking.

You can take this F Gas qualification if you have the skills and knowledge to:

  •     Fabricate & fit mechanical and brazed joints
  •     Pressure test and evacuate to BSEN378
  •     Charge a blended refrigerant
  •     Analyse system performance to ensure efficiency (using pressure, temperature, refrigerant state and rule of thumb)
  •     Leak test to EC1516/2007
  •     Maintain ‘F Gas’ log books and records
  •     Handle refrigerant safely & dispose of legally
  •     Demonstrate they can ensure systems are tight, efficient in their use of energy and meet the F Gas legal requirements.


How you will be assessed:

By both comprehensive practical and forty question on-line assessment

The fee includes:

Assessment only plus City & Guilds certificate, lunch and refreshments.

F Gas Category 1: One Day Assessment FAQ'S

  • Does the F Gas qualification expire?

    No, as we offer the City and Guilds 2079 there is no expiry date on the qualification so it does not have to be renewed.

  • Do I only have to get one engineer qualified with the company?

    No all of the engineers who are working with refrigerants will need to have the qualification i.e. certified engineers working for certified companies.

  • I do not have a formal qualification but I have been in the industry for 15 years what course would you recommend?

    We would recommend attending the 5 day course as you will need to cover the theory behind the systems.

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