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Flame Brazing: One Day

Committed to education, not just passing exams!
LENGTH: 1 day

About the course:

This course is for you if you need to demonstrate competent brazing to this industry standard, including safe use of oxy-acetylene and basic brazing techniques.

What you will gain?

Certification to show you can:

  •     braze copper pipework to a certified standard
  •     self certify SEP (Sound Engineering Practice) and basic brazing techniques.


How you will be assessed:

You will produce a test piece for evaluation and answer a multiple choice theory assessment.

Fees include:

Course materials, lunch and refreshments and certificate for successful candidates.

One day for renewal and re-registration, you will be required to produce your soon to expire card.

Flame Brazing: One Day FAQ'S

  • I am an experienced brazer and I only need to renew my qualification, do I have to do both days of the course?

    No the two day course is set up for newcomers to brazing, you only need to attend the second day if you are renewing your qualification.

  • I heard that there is a new specification for the brazing out. What is it that you are offering.

    We offer the updated BRA specification which has now been accepted throughout the industry.

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