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Ellis Training is one of the industry’s most respected names in Refrigeration, F Gas, Air Conditioning, Brazing and Heat Pump training. Ellis Training courses are among the most highly regarded in the world, with trainees coming from overseas and all parts of the UK.

For skills and depth of practical knowledge, you will find that these competitively-priced courses stand alone.

A ‘student centred’ approach means our focus is never just on the course delivery, but rather on what happens after your training and how you will use what you have learnt to further your own career in the field.

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Ben Boyd

All excellent, very knowledgeable on the subject. Read more

Chris Georgiou

Very much enjoyed the course and have learned lots. Read more

Brendon Walton

It is always good to gain knowledge from people from the old way, when standards were more professional and a higher quality. Read more

Henry Bartlett-Ellis

Bloody hard work! But very interesting. Read more

Andreas Politis
Andreas Politis

I am very satisfied I attended this course, F Gas 5 day, because I really developed my knowledge and got new information for the future of my job. Thanks a lot. Read more